Description: Vintage hand-carved wooden Dogon Granary Door, made in Mali. Measures 22” x 18”. Latch feature works. Needs to be wired for mounting. See photos for original carvings and striations.

About: The Dogon people are best known for their religious traditions, their mask dances, wooden sculpture and their architecture. Located in the region of Mali, south of the Niger Bend, they've been living there since the 15th Century. These granary doors protected the window-like opening into each family's grain storage building, and used a simple sliding door lock mechanism.

Most Dogon carvings of humans refer to primordial ancestors known as Nommo who brought humankind to earth and who were the first farmers and blacksmiths. Breast-like resides symbolize the fertility of the Earth. Figures dancing across the surface celebrate life/ nourishment and to honor the ancestors. Would be an incredible decorative accent in any space.

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