Vintage Angela Davis Communist Party Poster (1976)

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Vintage large format Angela Davis “Declare Your Independence" Poster. Measures 15.5" wide x 22.5" tall and printed in New York in 1976. Good condition with some minor wrinkling (photographed). Minor wear from usage. Poster will ship rolled in a USPS postal tube, not flat. 

About: Poster distributed to endorse the 1976 Communist Party candidates Hall (president) & Tyner (vice president), featuring small portraits of the nominees, and a large portrait of Angela Davis over the background of the Declaration of Independence.

Poster also includes a statement by Davis, "My name is Angela Davis. I'm speaking to you as a voter. You and I know that the Democratic and Republican parties doublecross us to serve big business. That's why millions do not vote. BUT THIS YEAR YOU CAN VOTE FOR YOUR OWN NEEDS. You can cast a loud, clear vote against big business rip-offs and coverups. The Communist Party candidates fight for a people's program of jobs, education, housing, free health care; to end war and racism. MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT TOWARD A NEW DIRECTION AND NEW PRIORITIES."

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