Vintage Ivory Coast Handcarved Colon Statues (Please Select)

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Description: Vintage and hand-painted colon statues from the Ivory Coast and in excellent condition. It’s been well-preserved, with very few minor areas of discoloration. Some pictured. Very lightweight and roughly 12” x 3”, tabletop size. Painted with vegetable-based paints. Has some staining from painting or dye. Please select preferred statue(s) from the menu above. 

About: Most colon statues were made by the Baule tribe of Ivory Coast, a former French colony and are an enduring reflection of the complex relationships between the colonized and the colonizers. “Colon” is the French word for “colonist” and these statues were slender, colorful and lightweight caricatures that represented black artisans’ perceptions of whiteness, class, different vocations and their own radical imagination.