Description: Vintage 1970’s afro picks, in the original paper/plastic packaging. Combs are nylon/plastic and made by M.A. Industries. See photos for front/back design(s). Unopened, backstock.

About: Afros and black natural hair was not always embraced en masse by the black community. Afros were popularized during the Black Is Beautiful/Civil Rights Movement, a time when self-love was articulated as a form of political resistance against white supremacy. The Black American commercial market was inundated with products that allowed Black folks to use beauty/aesthetics as a site of radical politics - including afropicks adorned with picks and peace symbols, hair products, advertisements and popular culture messaging.

Note: All BLK MKT Vintage inventory is vintage, "well-loved" and most times, with minor imperfections. Unless otherwise noted, items posted for sale are not reprints or reproductions. As with all vintage or antique items signs of wear and tear are to be expected; these include discoloration, fading and overall, patina. All items are described and pictured to demonstrate accurate condition. The provenance of some items is known and documented, while others have no accessible lineage. If there are any questions or concerns please email before purchasing as ALL SALES ARE FINAL & RETURNS ARE NOT ACCEPTED (with exceptions for extreme cases/misrepresentations).