Vintage Large "Make Black Count" Census Advertising Poster (1970)


Rare vintage "Make Black Count" poster on thick cardstock. Originally part of a marketing campaign created by the Coalition for a Black Count, leading up to the 1970 census. Very good condition. Some light staining, consistent with usage, but no punctures or tears. Measures 14" wide by 22.5" tall and corners are soft. Will be shipped flat, supported by cardboard on either side.

About: This poster is part of a marketing campaign to increase the count of African-Americans in the 1970 census. Organized by the Coalition for a Black Count, which was itself composed of 13 organizations, the campaign sought to address undercounted Black families in marginalized communities. A saying at he time was, "The people who make the laws play the numbers game. And the numbers in the '70 census are Black and White."

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