Vintage Hardcover Memoir "The Long Shadow of Little Rock" by Daisy Bates (Fourth Printing, 1970)


Vintage hardcover "The Long Shadow of Little Rock" a memoir by Daisy Bates, published in 1970. Fourth printing with dust jacket and protective sleeve. Good condition with minor imperfections. Patina and discoloration on front/back cover. See photos. 225 pages. 

About: Newspaper publisher Daisy Lee Gatson Bates as a civil rights activist was influential in the integration of the Little Rock Nine into Little Rock, Arkansas’s Central High School in 1957. Bates and her husband chronicled the 1954 Brown vs Board of Education case which led to the lower court decision to integrate Little Rock Central High School. Her home, not far from Central High, became the organizing and strategy center for nine African American students selected to desegregate the school in 1957. She was named Woman of the Year by the National Council of Negro Women in 1957. Along with the Little Rock Nine, Bates received the Spingarn Medal, the NAACP’s highest award, in 1958. She was subsequently elected to the executive committee of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and was close friends/colleagus with Martin Luther King Jr. Bates spoke at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963.

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