Vintage “Free Joanne Little” Protest Pin (1975)


Vintage 1975 “Free Joanne Little” pin, made by NSCAR (National Student Coalition Against Racism). White pins with brown typography. Measures 1.75” diameter. Minor rusting on back side and staining on front.

About: Joanne/Joan Little was the first woman in US history to be acquitted using the defense that she used deadly force to resist sexual assault. Her 1974 trial for the murder of a white prison guard in North Carolina garnered a wave of support from civil rights, feminist, and anti-death penalty movements in the mid 1970’s. Rosa Parks formed the Detroit chapter of the Joan Defense Legal Defense Committee. Little later authored a poem entitled "I Am Somebody", which was incorporated into a mural in San Diego's Chicano Park by the female muralists of Sacramento's Royal Chicano Air Force.  The a cappella musical group Sweet Honey in the Rock included a song titled "Joanne Little" on their 1976 self-titled album.

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