Vintage Ebony Fashion Fair Advertising Poster (1969)


Vintage large cardstock Ebony Fashion Fair poster, in excellent condition. This poster advertised the 1969 Fashion Fair at Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, NY with the theme The Flapper Returns - With Soul. Measures 18.25" tall by 13" wide. Thick cardstock posterboard; very sturdy and minor signs of wear/discoloration. Will be mailed flat, not rolled.

About: Ebony Fashion Fair launched in 1958 and was an annual fashion event organized by Johnson Publishing Company out of Chicago, IL. The show, also known as the "Ebony Traveling Fashion Fair" traveled to 30 cities over its 51-year run providing exclusive fashion to hundreds of thousands attendees across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean”. The show was held in 187 venues with audiences as large as 5,000 attendees. The Ebony Fashion Fair not only helped to boost the Johnson Publishing Company's brand identity, it also raised $55 million in funds for African American Charities.


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