Vintage Bamileke Earth Spider Stool (Cameroon)


Vintage Bamileke Earth Spider Stool, handcarved from a single tree trunk in Cameroon. Excellent condition with normal patina/wear. See photos for details that contribute to this earthy and rustic piece. Measures 16" high by 23" diameter. Solid piece with incredibly rich historical roots. Would work well as a coffee, end or accent table. Also as a stool or seat. Decorate with plants, framed photos, books or other decorative items.

About: Carved from a single tree trunk, Bamileke lattice stools were used as symbolic seats in public ceremonies. The lattice webbing represents both the life cycle and the divine wisdom of the earth spider. A stool with broken lattice was immediately discarded, the broken life web seen as a terrible omen. In natural light, beautiful shadows and illuminated pinpoints play through the lattice.

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