Vintage 1960’s “We Shall Overcome” Pinback Button


This is a vintage 1960’s “We Shall Overcome” political pinback button in very good condition. They were well-preserved by a pin collecter and elder in Philadelphia, with roots in the 20th century Civil Rights Movement. Black/White minimal design of interracial handshake and Black text. They are available in the below two sizes:

Large: 1.75” diameter

Medium: 1.25” diameter

About: “We Shall Overcome” became a popular mantra, slogan and anthem of the 1960’s & 1970’s Civil Rights Movement, signifying integrationist and non-violent approaches to rampant racial inequality. “We Shall Overcome” was also a protest song, capturing black folks’ religious idealism and self-determination in the face of ubiquitous white supremacy. 

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