Original Black Panther Party Newspaper (Nov. 1971)


This is one Black Panther Party Newspaper, printed and distributed in November 1971 and featuring Emory Douglas' work on the back cover. The newspaper is in fair good condition and was historically folded in half. There is light discoloration and fading on the cover, along the fold. See photos.

About: The Black Panther began as a four-page newsletter in Oakland, California in 1967, founded by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale. It was the official publication of the Black Panther Party and was sold in several large cities across the United States, and had international readership as well. The newspaper distributed information about the party's activities, and expressed through editorials and other written work, the ideology of the party - focusing on both international revolutions as inspiration and the current racial struggles of Black folks in the United States.

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