Vintage Baule Tribe Carved Weaving Loom (Ivory Coast)


Vintage wood heddle weaving loom from the African Baule Tribe of Cote d'Ivoire. Good condition and all strings are study/well-kept. It has cotton cord, so it will hang elegantly on a wall. There are still remnants of the cotton thread used in the weaving process. Measures 8.25" wide by 8" tall. With the hanging cord, measures 13.5" tall. Measures 2.25" deep. Gorgeous patina and character.

About: Among the people of West Africa (specifically in Ivory Coast) weaving is performed by men and by women. Folks use looms to produce bands of cloth that are put together to make large, intricate handwoven cloths. These looms appear in various types and decoration according to local tradition. The shuttle houses the cotton thread, which is one of the most important raw materials available in many areas of West Africa.

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